Technology and Electronic Information-Sharing Consent

Please review this sheet outlining Olive Branch Consulting’s (OBC) use of technology in our work with clients. The Acknowledgement and Agreement section that follows must be signed before we commence our work together.

The personal information requested on this form is collected in order for OBC to provide its services. The collection, use and disclosure of personal information is subject to the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act (British Columbia). If you have any questions, please contact us at 604-764-6433.

Use of Technology

Our work together requires the use of some or all of the following technologies:

  • Email via Hushmail;
  • Mobile and/or landline phones;
  • Text messaging in exceptional circumstances;
  • Intake Forms, Questionnaires, Updates and Consent Forms via Hushmail;
  • Videoconferencing via Oncall Health, Zoom, or other platforms;
  • Cloud storage for information filing.

There are a number of potential benefits to using technology.  These include:

  • Asynchronous communication at times that work for those involved;
  • Reduced or eliminated transportation barriers to attend meetings;
  • Option for clients to attend joint meetings without being present in the same room with another party;
  • Ease of sharing high volume of information necessary for OBC to work with clients;
  • Email and cloud storage allow for retrieval of information needed at a later time.

Risks of Using Technology

OBC does not endorse any of the technologies it uses and recognizes a number of risks associated with using technology as part of our work together. These include:

  • Despite reasonable efforts to protect the privacy and security of electronic communication, information shared may still be breached, intercepted, circulated and stored by parties unauthorized by OBC and its clients;
  • Various platforms may store information in jurisdictions outside of Canada;
  • Despite OBC’s efforts to enforce privacy and confidentiality agreements, clients may breach its terms by storing and circulating information;
  • Devices may disconnect due to electronic disruptions and network instability;
  • Online communications may enable delayed response from some parties;
  • Online communication might limit the professional’s ability to observe visual and auditory cues, including those that may point to personal safety concerns (e.g. suicidal thoughts).

In order to minimize these risks, OBC takes the following steps:

  • We use encrypted emails to share sensitive, private information;
  • Text messaging is only used if necessary, and ONLY regarding scheduling, notice of arrival or delays, and/or to inform clients of an email requiring an urgent response;
  • Logistics of videoconferences are only shared to attendees via a unique link;
  • Our electronic file storage is only on Canadian servers (see;
  • Web-conference meetings can be switched to phone if there are connection issues;
  • We provide information to clients regarding other support services.

Use of Search Engines Regarding Clients

OBC may use web search engines and/or social media to gather information about clients in the following situations:

  • If a concern has been received about a client’s personal information being posted without consent;
  • If there is a concern where OBC determines that it is necessary to attempt to contact a client to ensure safety;
  • If Leanne Harder, RSW, is required to gather information in the role of Assessor and/or Parenting Coordinator.

Storage of Electronic Information

Electronic information will be stored for a minimum of seven years past the last date of service or seven years past the date a minor client turns 19, whichever is longer.

Further Instructions

Furthermore, OBC requires its clients to follow these instructions:

  • For Parenting Coordination clients ONLY: Creation of a personal Hushmail account at for Parenting Coordination clients. The annual cost of a personal Hushmail acount will be reimbursed by OBC for the term of your work with OBC.
  • Use a personal email address ONLY and NOT your work email address(es), to share information with OBC.
  • Each client agrees to not to have another person in the room or within hearing distance when using any information and communication technology to participate in a meeting with Leanne Harder, unless this has been expressly agreed upon by the parties beforehand.
  • If a client wishes to have another person in the room, permission must be obtained from Leanne Harder and the other parties prior to the session beginning.
  • Approved additional participants must sign any required participation agreement for the process they are in (e.g. Agreement to Mediate) and are bound by the terms of agreement.
  • Clients may request that electronic information be encrypted when OBC sends personal information by email.
  • Clients must respect the process by not disclosing or posting digital or other electronic communications from anyone at OBC or other recipients of OBC services without written consent.
  • Clients must avoid inappropriate disclosures, including protecting access to any emails, notes or other information relating to the matter(s) OBC’s services have been sought for, which may be stored in computers or elsewhere.
  • Clients are not to record nor arrange for anyone else to record any conversations with Leanne Harder and/or another representative of Olive Branch Consulting.
  • Clients must minimize the consequences of any inappropriate disclosures should they occur and immediately disclose to OBC and the other parties that such a disclosure has occurred.
  • Clients must provide alternative means for OBC to reach you in case of technological disruptions during a videoconference or phone meeting.
  • If you or someone you know is at risk of harming themselves or others, please contact the Crisis Line: 1-800-784-2433 (1-800-SUICIDE) or 911.

Client Acknowledgement and Agreement

By signing below, I acknowledge that I fully understand this Consent Form in its entirety.  I understand that the above terms and conditions are specifically for the purposes of and supplemental to the Service Agreement (Agreement to Mediate, Retainer Agreement, Co-Parenting Coaching Consent Form) that I entered into with OBC and the other parties.

I understand and accept the risks involved and release Leanne Harder and Olive Branch Consulting from any liability in the event of any inadvertent disclosure.

I consent to the conditions and follow the instructions outlined, as well as other instructions OBC may provide during our work together.


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