Mediation is helpful for many family situations.  We’ve

described some common ones below.

Separation & Divorce

When a couple is going through a separation, the stress and conflict can be overwhelming. When you hire a Divorce Mediator she or he can provide a calmer and emotionally safe way to resolve substantial disputes without making the situation worse. Choosing mediation allows all parties to maintain control over the resolution of the issues unlike court where control is relinquished to the presiding judge. Issues involving co-parenting, custody and access, and division of assets can all be resolved efficiently and effectively with the help of a skilled divorce mediator.  See The Benefits of Mediation for Separating Couples.

Co-Parenting Plans

Whether you are in the middle of a separation or your divorce has been finalized for several years, you need a strong co-parenting plan for your children.  Parenting plans include time with each parent, division of guardianship responsibilities, and how expenses will be covered.  Also, as children grow, parenting plans must adapt.  If you want to develop a co-parenting plan or improve an existing one, consider an Olive Branch divorce mediator to assist.

Planning for an Elderly Family Member

As loved ones age, new transitions occur.  An elder may require more residential or caregiving support.  There may be challenging financial decisions to navigate.  Estate-planning may result in tension between family members.  Mediation is beneficial in assisting families to develop strong plans while respecting all members, particularly elders.  If you want to minimize or prevent destructive family conflict, consider hiring an Olive Branch mediator to facilitate a productive, sensitive discussion.