How We Can Help

Olive Branch Consulting provides conflict management services for individuals, families, and organizations. We believe that conflicts CAN be resolved collaboratively. We assist people to save time, money, and emotional energy through collaboration.

Our Mission is to transform difficult conversations into productive ones.

Since 2002, we have supported hundreds of individuals, families, and organizations to excel, through coaching, mediation, facilitation, consulting and program evaluation.  Hire an Olive Branch Mediator for Divorce, Elder Planning or Workplace related conflicts.

Our Values

Peace is an internal state.  If we want to create peace in the world we must start by finding peace within ourselves and from the Creator.

Diversity – We value the diversity that people contribute through multiple faiths, cultures, and perspectives.

Conflict – We believe conflict is an opportunity for improving relationships and learning about other perspectives.

Spirituality – We respect the similarities and differences between spiritual traditions.  We love to incorporate spirituality into mediation because we find it adds richness to the process.  But don’t worry, you get to choose what works for you.

Forgiveness – We believe that forgiveness is a process that frees individuals and allows each person to be responsible for their choices.  Forgiveness is not easy or fast but it is worth the effort.

Honesty – We share honestly about strengths and areas for growth.

Integrity – Our words are consistent with our actions.

Respect – We respect each person’s journey through conflict and change.  We believe the journey leads to wisdom.