If you live outside of Vancouver or coming to one of Olive Branch Consulting’s offices doesn’t work for you due to child care or health problems, we can provide online mediation. We will discuss the pros and cons of an online mediation with you and help you figure out a plan that will provide you with the best possible outcome for your situation.

A divorce mediator will facilitate the mediation on-line using one of several on-line platforms.  This option can be great for parents who live in different cities, provinces, or countries, and who need to negotiate co-parenting decisions.  The Olive Branch Divorce Mediator may recommend on-line mediation if she or he feels an on-line process will increase the productivity of the discussions.

Disputes between businesses may also be well-served by an on-line mediation process.  If you have a conflict with a business in another jurisdiction, contact us to assist you to resolve your dispute without either of you travelling.