When getting a divorce, couples struggle with where each of them will live and whether one spouse will remain in the family home.  This can be a very stressful decision because you are considering what will be best for your children as well as for each of you.  You have to consider financial, emotional, and geographical criteria.  A skilled mediator can assist you to discover options that you had not considered and to make a plan that allows all family members to move forward positively.

 When you begin working with an Olive Branch Mediator, he or she will begin by meeting with each of the people involved individually to understand the situation from each person’s perspective.  After the individual meetings, the mediator will then make a plan for a joint session.  During the joint session, the mediator will assist the parties to focus on common interests going forward.

We will assist you to focus on common interests such as: stable, affordable living arrangements for both of you; workable timelines for selling the home;  maintaining memories for your children; and minimizing the financial costs.  The Mediator will help both of you to talk about what is important to you regarding the home and any future residences.  It is important to remember that however different your views about the family home might be, choosing mediation can help you to find a solution that both of you can accept.  There are many creative options which families can use.  Some families will choose to sell the home and divide the money from the sale.  Others decide to divide the residence and have each person live in a different part of the house.  Still others may decide that the one spouse will maintain ownership of the home.  These are only a few of the options that families come up with in mediation.  In addition, by discussing suitable timelines and financial needs, the parties can often make a plan that is better than each of them anticipated.  The family home is typically considered a “family asset” under the Family Relations Act.  For legal information, see  Olive Branch Consulting recommends that all couples seeking a divorce get legal and financial advice as part of the mediation process to ensure informed and effective decision-making.